Information about the Appellate Tax Board

Tax law and tax issues are both extremely complex and, when an abatement application is rejected property owners are at risk for significant financial loss. There is a way to appeal such a rejection and get back on the proper ground. This is where the Massachusetts appellate tax board comes in as an administrative agency based in Boston, MA. While there are many duties performed by this agency, the most important in this case is to oversee the decisions of local assessors. The goal is to create reasonable resolution of property tax disputes so that all involved come to a clear understanding, plan, and agreement.

As property taxes rise and incomes drop, certain liabilities are arising since people cannot cover the rise in taxes with a drop in income. The local Board of Assessors may deny the application for abatement, putting the property owner at risk for serious costs, penalties, and potentially the loss of property. The appellate board mitigates this situation for residents of Massachusetts. You could consider it to be on behalf of the people. By appealing to the appellate tax board, you are buying some time and keeping the matter in debate. Otherwise, owner rights will expire and then the situation is significantly worsened. Also, the appeal allows the property owner to have a fair hearing on the matter in order to create resolution.

All of these tax issues will require the use of a qualified tax attorney. This is not something you want to do on your own so seek professional help from a good lawyer who specializes in this area. Legal matters involving taxes can be destructive to many parts of life if you do not get the legal help needed to resolve the issue. With matters like these, there is no time to waste. Secure your owner rights.